Book Recommendation For 10 Year Old.

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Gavmacp | 13:42 Sat 17th Jan 2015 | Books & Authors
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Friends eldest is 10 and loves reading. I have started looking for second hand books for her. All the things I have thought about getting her but thought she was too young she has read or currently reading such as call of the wild and white fang. I thought I might get huckleberry Finn for her. Would love to get her a hardback copy of To Kill a Mockingbird as I think it is the best book ever written. Looking for a girls perspective.
I have bought her a basic book on economics which I think she will hate me for but if she is going to ask intelligent questions this is what she will get!


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Huckleberry Finn and economics? Do you actually dislike this child? LOL

Try something from this list.

oopse, sorry, not that one...try this!
Even the most serious 10-year-olds enjoy a bit of silliness:

and it's not just boys who love science:

(I bought both of those books for a soon-to-be-10-year-old for Christmas). Brilliant Book.

I read Agatha Christie when I was that age but it depends on whether she is a girly girl or 'normal'.
If you are looking for second hand hardbacks, I would suggest Abebooks, who specialise in used and deleted copies. Also, The Book People have a sale on. Loads of children's books of all ages. Often they do great packages of mixed books, all very reasonable too!
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The economics book is because she has stated to ask intelligent questions. I have told her to only read one chapter at a time and to re read some sections. I have told her she will probably hate it but I hope it makes her think.
anthony horrowitz
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I got her a moomin book as I remember loving it when very young. I was curious as would she like it. There are 2 families that live close to me with 5 children in total and they all love it.
An excellent recommendation, Bednobs. Reading should be FUN for youngsters!

If you want to help prepare a youngster for an understanding of economics, help them to understand maths first! User Recommendation
Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld.
Enid Blyton's mysteries, school and adventure series.
I too would suggest Terry Pratchett.

You could start her on the Tiffany Aching books - starting with The Wee Free Men

The "What Katy Did" series.
My daughter loved Nancy Drew at that age.
Give her an etymological dictionary. I know it's not a reading book, but I have noticed that modern children often ask 'why is it called that?', so it might keep her quiet on that score.
I sell books for a living and can tell you that most girls love Jacqueline Wilson books (although some may be a bit mature for her). David walliams books are all very popular too - and of course there are the Harry potter books (which must be read in the right order). Michael morpurgo is another very popular children's author and well worth a look
Try The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer

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Book Recommendation For 10 Year Old.

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