Michael Connelly Book Set - Absolute Bargain!!

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chelle7272 | 10:34 Thu 13th Mar 2014 | Books & Authors
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At The Works online - £199.99 for 17 books, plus extra 30% off at checkout.

I know it's not a question but I know there are a few Connelly fans on here I though may appreciate it.


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errrr - even more of a bargain at £19.99 :+)
10:35 Thu 13th Mar 2014
errrr - even more of a bargain at £19.99 :+)
Lol, I saw £200 a thought that's not my idea of a bargain. I've read all his books bar his latest one but at £20 it's an absolute steal for anyone that wants to read his books.
If anyone does buy this set, read them in order.
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Lol what a typo!!

Sorry all :)
Like Rocky, I've read 'em all bar the latest, and I'm happy to wait till it comes out in paperback in Tesco.
Strangely enough Heathfield I got an email this morning saying it was released today, I forgot to look in Tesco for it though, tomorrow maybe :)
just read my 1st m.connelly book, called " the closers " . I´m now just starting " city of bones "
but 17 books, thats ott
Thanks for that info, Rocky. Good news indeed. Will watch for it!

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Michael Connelly Book Set - Absolute Bargain!!

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