Incomprehensibility ?

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Khandro | 19:31 Fri 05th Apr 2013 | Books & Authors
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The entry in the OUP (US) catalogue for her book, 'Exotic Spaces in German Modernism' by Jennifer Gossetti-Ferenciei, states;
"In an examination of the concept of the exotic and of spatial experience in their cultural, subjective, and philosophical contingencies, Gosetti-Ferencei shows that exotic spaces may contest and reconfigure the relationship between the familiar and the foreign, the self and the other.
Exotic spaces may serve not only to affirm the subject in a symbolic conquering of territory, as emphasised in post-colonial interpretations, or project the fantasy of escapism to a lost paradise, as utopian readings suggest, but condition moral, aesthetic, or imaginative transformation."
Please! can anyone offer a paraphrase for this? :-(


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Er, why?
Is it some sort of gardening book? That fits the exotic spaces.

Work out what language it is in and use Google translate to translate it into English..
Botox she is talking Yoda ...
this is putting the cart before the horse: until you know what she means by exotic space, you can't know what the blurb means. So it's lousy blurb-writing. The book itself may put a perfectly valid argument.
Question Author
jno; One bit at a time; I think "exotic space" could mean foreign parts or distant lands and "conquering of territory" might mean empire. ?
Flyhalf; //Er, why?// Because it's there.
To paraphrase:

"I've no idea what this book is about, but I get paid by the word, and it's my job to write a blurb. The very fact that you are interested in this book probably means that you spend time at art exhibitions, sipping free Chardonnay and talking similar botox, so it really doesn't matter".
A bourgeois concept invented by people with far too much time on their hands.
Khandro, can you let me have the ISBN. I must dash out and buy this book.
It sounds like a cracking good read
a flashy way to explain why Germans like going abroad for their holidays.
Prudie, I don't think so.

The words towels, sunloungers, and crack of dawn are not mentioned once
Mrs O, 'Exotic Spaces in German Modernism' have to be those empty sunbeds.

Towels at ten paces ......
I'm not so sure, spatial experience could certainly refer to nabbing the sunloungers!
stephenie mayer fans will love this pseudonymous early work

so will pseuds
There's a place for such as this in "Private Eye"!
Question Author
Pseud's Corner indeed Heathfield.
Translation: this book is a load of self-important, up itself twaddle for people who like to pretend that they are intellectuals and art connoisseurs.
Question Author
The book itself is not in question, this was the Oxford University Press (US)entry for it.
It is very likely that someone whose words are just gobbledegook has a brain to match. So why should we care about what she thinks she's saying? Sounds like one of those postmodernism cranks to me.

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