Help needed - cannot remember book title/author

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Jo0306 | 18:36 Sun 09th Sep 2012 | Books & Authors
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I read a book a few years back and cannot remember the title. It's about a girl who wants to make it as an actress. She marries a well known actor who has a stroke (or something similar), she nurses him back to health and he becomes big again but suffers another stroke that he doesn't recover from. She ends up having an affair and he ends up dying (can't remember if she kills him, seem to recall she does). At the end of the book she ends up on a cruise with her new partner, it's nighttime, she is on the deck of the boat and sees her dead husbands smiling face in the water so throws herself in, killing herself.

Can anyone help me with either the author or title of this book?



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Sounds like a laugh a minute!!!
I've read it too, trying to remember.
American author. Like Harold Robbins or Sidney Sheldon?
Sounds like Sidney Sheldon, I think. The Other Side Of Midnight rings bells.
I loved the soundtrack,

"If you're happy and you know it clap your hands......." amongst others.
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Thanks for the reply. Was a Sidney Sheldon book - a stranger in the mirror!

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Help needed - cannot remember book title/author

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