Ebookee - anyone used it? Is it legal?

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2gbmum | 10:35 Fri 09th Sep 2011 | Books & Authors
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I'm looking for a couple of magazines and this site came up on a search offering free downloads of the issues I want.

Has anyone used this site? It tells you to download some software before getting the magazines. Is the download software OK?

And is this a legal action? I was looking to pay for the old titles but this site says they are free. Worried that it's a pirate site with Trojan horse software!!


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It states quite clearly on the site that it does not host ebooks, simply searches the internet for links.
Not legal, not safe.

Which magazine are you interested in?
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Thanks for the reply. I thought as much - something for nothing - always rings alarm bells.

It's knitting I'm interested in! It had a couple of american titles on there that cost a lot to ship over and I wanted one back issue in particular. I usually wait for them to come up on ebay but sometimes that takes ages.
Have you tried the specialist websites? Googling bought up a few, like this one
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Aah, thanks for taking the time. I've got hundreds of freebie knitting websites in my bookmark - you can never have enough!

Have now gone ahead and bought the digital version of the magazine issue I was looking for, for a mere £3.50 as opposed to £17.50 which is what it would have cost me to have a hard copy sent over from the States.

Should keep me out of mischief for a while.

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Ebookee - anyone used it? Is it legal?

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