help me with my daughters school project please

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manutdstott | 08:45 Fri 23rd Oct 2009 | Arts
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Hi all my Daughter has been given about 3 weeks to make a mask from scratch, as with when my son had the same projesct 2 years ago i bought a plain plastic mask and we decorated it as tutankhaman it got top marks,
but any ideas of starting one from scratch please? ie my Daughter wants to do a moulding of my face and paint and decorating it herself, bless her lol, how would we start if thats possible? or is paper mache a good idea over a balloon to get her started? whats the best and quickest way for paper mache or any other ideas would be appreciated thanks, but a mould of a real face sounds interesting though?
many thanks Jay


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Are you sure you really need to do this "from scratch" My daughter had this project last year.

Many art shops stock plain card masks in various shapes for you to decorate yourself
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yes its from scratch this year i think thats why they given them so many weeks to do it,
I've not done it myself but there are quite a few web pages ( balloon mould)

Here's a really good one without a mould http://ultimatepaperm...-art/paper-mache-mask
I think the stuff you want is called Modroc.It is like bandage covered in plaster of paris.You should be able to get is from art shops.You will have to grease your face thoroughly,particularly eyebrows and lashes,before layering it on.As it hardens it will get tighter and a little warm.It doesn't take too long to set.Also,make sure you are able to breathe,if necessary use a couple of straws up the nose.

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help me with my daughters school project please

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