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swedeheart | 16:35 Sun 24th May 2009 | Arts
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I have fallen in love with this painting Le B�guinage by Winston Churchill and have been trying to find it as a poster or print but so far no joy. I'm a great googler but search engines come up with different results depending on what country you do your googling from and I'm in Sweden, so I was wondering if any of you Britons might have an easier time finding it...? Or perhaps some of you even know where the original painting is kept, before I start writing to Chartwell/National Trust, Blenheim Palace, this museum, that museum, the official website of Bruges and so on and so forth.

Here's a photo I found of the b�guinage - he's really captured something vital hasn't he.

(Ha ha, as I read through this I realise it sounds as if I want to know where the original painting is so that I may go get it... but I was thinking where it is kept they may also be selling prints:-)


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Have a look here 0497/Grace-Hamblin.html
Probably went to a private collector .
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Thanks so much Pentalpha, yes that does seem rather discouraging, for now :-( I love that final sentence where it says she enjoyed going into the basket and never complained - they make her sound like a cat, ha ha...
well, I don't know... I went to Chartwell last year and didn't see it there... but if it's viewable on the internet, maybe it is available publicly somewhere (or did you just scan in a photo of it yourself, swedeheart?)

Yes, it does look good. Notice the way he's lined up both the trees and the nuns to come forward out of the picture to one side, for the diagonal effect - it doesn't look nearly so straightforward in real life, but that's art for you.
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Wasn't a swedescan jno, I first saw it on a site I stumbled across where you were supposed to test your ability to distinguish the wannabes from the masters, i.e. there were ten(ish) pieces of music and your task was to determine which ones were composed by Salieri and which ones by Mozart, that sort of thing.

Another test was which of these paintings have been painted by famous artists and which ones by amateurs, and that's where I found Le B�guinage.

I've searched the internet extensively since but only found it on a couple of blogs, no online art galleries or anything like that. I'm afraid Pentalpha seems to have nailed it (the correct answer, that is, not the painting;-) so unless you'd care to go back to Chartwell and have another look-see...

It just occured to me that Hitler was one of the artist wannabes so between him, Mozart and Salieri that site was a regular Austria's Got Talent, ha ha ha...
I'm pretty sure I saw all the paintings at Chartwell - they may keep some in storage but I expect not; it's just a house rather than a gallery. He had paintings exhibited in the Royal Academy summer show, which indicates that he was fairly skilled, as they reject a great many. (He submitted them anonymously.)
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Good God it's Super-JNO - where did you come from so quickly ha ha ha!

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