Internet Chat Abbreviations.

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vivandorron | 16:43 Mon 10th Jan 2011 | Site Suggestions
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G'afternoon Ed,

Lots of ABers type initial letters as abbreviations in their postings.(e.g....IMO = In my opinion.)

Consequently, for folk who are possibly as dull as me, IMHO they should get with it and click the following for a download of abbreviations :-

I hope the suggestion meets with your approval and that I have posted in an appropriate section of AB.

Regards to you and staff......Ron.


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(I think they're making these up)
That's more like abbreviations I use when texting than I use on here - although I do have to bite my tongue to stop myself saying "IMO" in real life.
so AOK means A O.K.

not to be confused with AOG...
Question Author
Please don't list me as AOG. :-)

FYI, when I suggested that folk should 'get with it' I didn't mean that they should download the list of Abs (abbreviations) and use them in ABs (answerbank's) columns.
I was merely thinking that the list might help to interpret a lot of made-up Abs.....Abs that is not ABrs. .....because I dislike them......Abs not ABrs..........LHM I'm now confusing myself.☺☺☺

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roflmfao@ doc
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Thanks Ron very useful. Ron. Ô¿Ô.
Question Author
Thanks whiskeryron for your appreciation of my posting and a thank you to all others who have commented in this thread.

Ron.( lesser half of vivandorron.)

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Internet Chat Abbreviations.

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