I believe there should be more specific topics.

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Kinky | 20:20 Sat 19th Feb 2005 | Site Suggestions
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Such as in shopping it could be catergorised into male and female or clothes and objects etc...

And jobs and careers could be catergorised into specific sections for the main jobs and then an ''other section''

And an ebay section would be great as I see many people asking questions about ebay on lots of different topics all the time!

Also it would be great to be able to ''add friends'' (with their acceptance of course) who you meet on here so that you can see when they post a new question or answer someone elses.

Hope you use my suggestions for future improvements.

x Kinky x


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A lot of these suggestions, an "E-Bay" category for example, are just fads - many people get to this site by typing their query into a search engine so we can have sudden influxes of the same type of question. So an E-Bay section would be used a few times for a week and then maybe never again.

The big debate is whether the categories stay as they are, or morph into many sub-categories. If they do the latter, then there would need to be tens, if not hundreds, and possibly thousands, of sub-divisions. (For instance, in your shopping example, you'd have Shopping -> Objects and then someone would complain that "Objects" is not split up into "Jewellery", "Furniture", "Clothes","Handbags" etc. Then someone would say that "Jewellery" wasn't split up into "Rings", "Necklaces", "Watches" etc. Then someone else would ask why "Rings" wasn't split into "Silver", "Gold", "Platinum"... and so on and so forth. That would be multiplied over every single category and would get ridiculous.

The editors have to draw the line somewhere. Personally, I think the categories are fine as they stand and include everything you need, really.

I agree with IndieSinger.  If anything, there are too many categories rather than too few.  They should not be sub-divided.
Hear, hear.
Sorry, Kinky, but I agree with them ↑

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I believe there should be more specific topics.

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