Why removed..?

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one-big-letdown | 09:14 Thu 20th May 2010 | Site Suggestions
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There should be a feature which tells you why you have a question/answer removed.

Just checked my profile, and I've had 3 answers removed. Would like to know which ones and why.

What does anybody else think?


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You probably posted on someone elses thread that got removed. Don't worry about it. I've had nearly 700 removed...!!!
I posted a question about dark circles under my eyes.. and someone reported it.

I therefore conclude that it's not worth worrying about :o)

as ummmm says, it's not what's removed that matters, it's what is reported.
i must be quite inoffensive, i´ve only had 1 answer removed
Question Author

Thanks for the info all :)
I lied....I have 709

We use to be able to see our removed answers. If you went into a thread through your profile you could see your answers and the ones that were removed just had 'answer removed' above them. No one else could see them though.

Don't worry. If you're not banned, you're not on our bad side yet.

Spare Ed
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Ah, thats alright then.

And wow, 709... Impressive lol
I've had 34 removed and they were all due to other people being zapped. Nothing personal!
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Ohhhh okay! :)

Thanks ED & fellow AB'ers

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Why removed..?

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