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smudge | 09:10 Wed 05th Jan 2005 | Site Suggestions
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AB Ed - Would you please be good enough to inform me if Sludge is part of your organisation & has your authority to advice AB users to in fact 'do as they are told'?


You will see on Internet Technology - under Cybercom Computers,  that I have posted a genuine question asking for advice on behalf of our daughter, before she buys her new computer.


I now find a totally unnecessary answer from this Sludge, informing all AB users that: "The question by Smudge is totally improper, therefore, and no answer should be given."


If this is the case, why when perusing the site, I find questions & answers on 'where to buy?', 'what to buy?' & 'from which retailer'? If these questions are 'totally improper' too, maybe Sludge would like to see them & the Shopping Category banned


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Having been away for a few days, I am interested in finding the thread that prompted the ABEd warning on qualified opinions that is being quoted frequently

An 'Old Friend' causing trouble yet again, Smudge.  Ignore Sludge.   I am sure the Editors and most AB contributors are aware of who Sludge is and the trouble they have caused in the past.

Sludge's posts to which Smudge refers are valid points, if quoted out of context. We at TheAnswerbank always suggest that people don't rely on AB users for advice on medical and legal matters and instead consult the relevant professional people.

However, we understand that Sludge's rather confrontational posts might upset some users, and we are keeping an eye on such messages.

Question Author
So in other words - you 'are' allowing Sludge to keep reiterating AB rules & regulations wherever he/she can 'slot' them in. You seem to ban valid questions & answers on a whim & yet keep confrontational posts from Sludge, knowing they upset other dedicated users. What a way to run a business!
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Question Author
P.S. In that case, are you going to 'ban' all the valid & positive answers from other AB users, posted after & ignoring Sludge's instructions, on Internet Technology - Cybercom Computers? What a contradiction.

Smudge - rest assured that we do not "ban valid questions & answers on a whim". We are sorry that you feel this way. And of course we aren't going to ban users advice following Sludge's posts.

Also, Sludge's answers may be a tad forthright but there is nothing intrinisically abusive or profane about them. As I wrote in my post above, we are keeping an eye on such messages.

Question Author

Well in that case & as you have suggested in the past - would it be possible for you remind Sludge to use the 'report button', especially when he/she is in the mood for causing unnecessary discord.




"The question by Smudge is totally improper, therefore, and no answer should be given".


If this isn't instigating discord, I don't what is.


After all, I was only asking advice & views on the make of a PC. The same sort of question others have asked, but haven't received the same sentiments from Sludge.

With all due respect ED, Smudge and Sludge cannot both be correct. To leave both the post by Smudge and the comments posted by Sludge are confusing for other users.


Your Terms state:-

10. You agree that the message boards on this Website are for discussion purposes only and are not to be used to market, sell or promote any product, service, project or organisation.

Smudge's question does not violate this condition. In fact any negative advice would have the opposite effect of not promoting the product.


11. The AnswerBank reserves the right to remove any post that does not relate to the topic being discussed; to organise the message boards; delete or edit any message that we feel breaches our Terms and/or Message Board Rules; and delete any posting that we feel does not conform to the intended spirit of The AnswerBank service.

If either Smudge's message or Sludge's comments don't conform to the intended spirit of the AnswerBank then delete it and save confusion.

Wraith - With all due respect, I am not obliged to remove either user's post(s) and I will ban future posts as I see fit.

Doesn't it get childish around here sometimes?
Question Author
AB Ed has informed me that he/she has written to Sludge regarding this unneccessary problem. I have also been informed that there is nothing wrong with my Cybercom PC question. This has restored my faith in AnswerBank. Thank you.
I am clearly missing the point here.  If Ab Ed agrees that Sludge is wrong in that thread, then surely it is sensible to remove Sludge's posts and all others relating to it (including my own() - thus leaving the original question?
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