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senga-marie | 11:27 Sun 05th Dec 2004 | Site Suggestions
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Understand why you pulled my question on Strange Films, at least it was there long enough to get the answers that I genuinely sought!  I felt in order to get the right answer I had to put it in context as to why I would have actually sat through and watched these awful films. What on earth was it you objected to? My reference to the people in the film was as I saw them, both their behaviour and physical appearances described appropriately. I am  niether PC or UnPC, I simply prefer plain language and if I happen to use the words 'fat' or 'horrible' in the same sentence it does not imply that I think there is something bad about being fat! The women in this film could be described more acurately as morbidly obese, and their exhibitous behaviour was indeed disgusting, as several of the people who knew the nature of these films concurred in their replies. It was a serious question and I got helpful answers, isn't that what answerbank is all about?


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You won't get an individual reply on here - I emailed the Ed when my question that I thought was valid was banned, and he/she apologised and put it back on.  I'd try the same.
Don't argue with the Referee.
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Archbishop, I have to make unpopular decisions both work and home, but I'm always willing to explain them.

Ignore archbishop i think he`s after a moderators post. 

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Can't for the life of me

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