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AB Editor | 10:13 Mon 12th Oct 2009 | Site Suggestions
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Dear All,

We at AB Towers have recently been wondering how we can make the site better for you all. We thought one of the best ways to start this would be to open a debate about what you believe The AnswerBank is. Is it a Is it a place to get answers? A Place to Ask Questions? local village pub? A support group? A place to check you did "the right thing,"? or maybe somewhere to put the world to rights?

What do you consider the main purpose of The Answerbank?

How do you use The Answerbank?

Any theories are welcome! Throw your ideas into The AnswerBank Blender (Is it a blender or a pestel and mortar?) and we'll see what the answer is!

All the best,

Spare Ed


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... .. and perhaps trying to implement our requests on your looooooong list of 'to-dos'.

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