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sitges | 15:39 Mon 13th Jul 2009 | Site Suggestions
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I have had heard this question asked by a lot of people and thought maybe answerbank could see about a topic concerning this. I am a senior and like to travel but prefer going with someone else as it makes dining and siteseeing more meaningful if you have someone to share it with. It also helps with finances if you have someone to split accomidations with. Most sights I have seen just list places people are going and do not let you find people who are intersted in meeting you and getting to know your likes and dislikes before commiting to a trip.
I know that this does not want to become a dating service and that may be a problem with a site like this. I like to travel in Spain and would like to find someone that would like to travel with me that is around the same age,sex and love of architecture and food that I have.


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have you tried the forums on a dedicated travel site like trip advisor or lonely planet?
I went with Solo to Tunisia a few years ago and was paired up with a lady the same age as myself to share a room with......and a group of approx 12 for sightseeing trips etc.
s'pose your a bloke! hmmmmm dating site?.

Not for me - not keen on Spain or architecture; give me a bloke who likes dancing/dining/swimming/shopping in Turkey.

Def not intellectuals - exam days long gone!
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I don't really like going on tours. I prefer to book my own and travel on my own. I have had friends that have done tours that way and most of the time you get someone who is compatible with you. I am trying to locate someone who is over 55 and probably retired. Does not smoke or drink except socialy. Likes to wonder around towns and visit museums and generally soak up the local culture. I like traveling by train whenever possible and I am pretty laid back when it comes to stuctured days.
have you tried the holiday websites that are geared for this.
emm bit of a contradiction being laid back on structured days!!!
I fit your criteria, but have been holidaying on my own for the past 9 years and prefer it that way!

As craft suggests perhaps try Solo/

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