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baitress | 18:39 Mon 25th May 2009 | Site Suggestions
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My question is, why are there 20 or more pages for each category when you can only check back on the first ten pages?
Why not delete all pages after ten and thus free up lots of extra space on the site.
It might even speed up the response times on here and that can only be a bonus.


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Perhaps we are meant to be able to go back more pages than 10. One day last week when looking for a particular item I got back to page 14 where the item was. I didn't obviously go any further when I had found what I wanted. I suppose it would be worth trying a few times !!!
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Hey Schutzengel, You must be one of the luckier ones.
I have never got past the first 10 pages before I get a time out message. I am sure that there are plenty of others who have had this problem. Thanks for the input though, regards, Roger
The site has problems but the Editor and Technical staff are in a state off hibernation,,,,,Ron
Everything will work perfectly when the new site comes on-line...

Oink, flap, oink, flap...
Hi Lie-in-King...Please accept my comment as being humourous; because I respect the answers which you give in the 'Quizzes & Puzzles section of AB

Is this a cryptic conundrum which you have now posed, because I do not know he answer.? !!

So far you have always been right......Hope you are this time.

Sincere regards.....Ron.
Ron, I think oink flap is an anagram of kan o'pifl, because the promises of a turbocharged AB 2.0 sound like a can of piffle.
jno . You could be right, because I can't work-out the 'Oink .flap'

Lie-in King, if you are still there, please unravel the clue for us............Ron.
hi, Ron, I suspect you need to be thinking about the phrase 'when pigs learn to fly'.

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