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LeMarchand | 14:56 Mon 30th Mar 2009 | Site Suggestions
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Probably been asked many times, but around 95% of the times that I visit my Profile and try to check "Threads I'm involved in" or "Q's I gave answers to" I get

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e31'

Timeout expired

/Toolkit/answ.asp, line 1365

Can anything be done to sort this out?


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Just keep trying. It does that all the time.
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I know :o(. It doesn't make it any less annoying though!
With the upgraded version of AB imminent this might be one of the problems that will be sorted. I'm sure the ED has said in a blog that no visual changes will be who's he kidding.
I am surprised they have this problem. SQL Server is probably Microsoft's leading industrial-strength product, whole organisations rely on it. Why can't AB take a little look at their schema design. Maybe a new index here or there.
hasn't worked for me in years!! such a nuisance.
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ED seems to have sorted it. Iv had no problems with it at all today.

Threads I'm involved in etc.. all seem fine. (lets hope iv not just been lucky with it)

Something else I've noticed (not sure how new it is) but now when you refresh a page it goes to where you were last reading (last post) and not to the top of the page as it used to.

still nor working for me, so why arn't i surprised? All i get is categoryid#19, and that hasn't worked for yonks!
mm I've only had one problem with it today... as for the second paragraph I think that was a case of beer after the England game. categoryid#19 Not sure what that is?
I'll take the fifth.... I meant third paragraph
I've had this 'time out' problem all day today when I try to go on the Questions I Answered option.
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It's been a problem for some time for me, but at the moment it's very rare that I manage to use that feature successfully.

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