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bernardo | 21:56 Fri 22nd Oct 2004 | Site Suggestions
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I suggest that "banned" should be changed to "deleted" because it is a more accurate word to describe the multitude of reasons why an answer might be deleted.  My hidden agenda for posting this question is to test my theory that the "edit" facility which people have mentioned is actually only available to questions rather than answers - so I should find out when I click the submit button.


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Well, Bernardo (*GAB*) ..? What are your findings? Don't keep us in suspenders.
Question Author

I must be getting senile because I think that I noticed an "edit" thingy, but I clumsily clicked to confirm the question instead of investigating the "edit" thingy.

GAB IndieSinger


GAB Bernardo....I agree with 'deleted' rather than's much more friendly. But as you c*cked up this post are you going to try again?
This is my 2000 answer! Sorry, what was the question again? Oh Erm, yes I agree. Or no, that is very wrong. 
"Deleted" would be better.  A small improvement to a splendid new facility.

I agree too - I always feel so chastised when I see "banned"!


*GAB* Indie, bernardo, lindy loo!

Slight digression, but how does one find out why an answer has been banned?
*GAB* The only thing which should be banned is the stuffed olive on the home page.... and I creep away like a ghost in the night :o)
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What stuffed olive?  Do you mean the grey-and-orange colon logo?  WVNBIVDB

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