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I.AM.LEGGY | 13:44 Sun 08th Feb 2009 | Site Suggestions
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Is he gay?
Does he have insecurities which he takes out on AB?
Is he a man of false hope and promises?

Lets face it folks he hasn't changed this site a bit. Its actually got worse.







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Guess what I am going to say?

Prove it - prove that you are NOT legend.

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Thats NOT leggy...........^^^^^^^will be zapped soon
It's not leggy, because he just told you so.

But then he would, wouldn't he?
wow leg your back. where u been man? eating out some tasty beaver I expect
Well YOU have proof....I doubt it. So it is innocent until.......
(fill in the blank)
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he is here docspoky. who else calls people 'folks' huh? read between the lines man
Well folks, I care - and the thread was posted from the same IP addy that legend uses.
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You are pathetic gormless....where's the proof??
mmm..and all these people who claim not to care about him are doing a VERY good job of keeping him in AB threads.....
I love it !
Mind you, I have to note that the post has not been followed up every 30 seconds by pages of verbal diarrhoea, so maybe it's not legend after all.
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Sun 08/02/09
12:52 Thats NOT leggy...........^^^^^^^will be zapped soon

when will it soon ?
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Has he committed suicide? He threatened this before when he couldn't log on to AB.
Luckily??? he was saved at the last minute.
What is this **** doing here? More like Chatterbank stuff!!!??

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