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THECORBYLOON | 23:50 Tue 02nd Dec 2008 | Site Suggestions
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After the huge success of the last one, what's this week's?
Which version of the rules applies to-day? Will the winner know they've actually taken part this time?


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You are obsessed.
Funny though.
Bit controversial, but fair point.
Question Author
I'm not obsessed, there's plenty reason to mump.
Mump ??
I suppose there is... if you have nothing more interesting to 'mump' about...
Question Author
Mump = complain, moan, whinge
No sh!t! lol
I am looking forward to seeing what Ethel wins next, ooops, banned again.
Question Author
If there's a mole, we may find out who next week's winner will be...
Got to admit with the general opinion here TCL, I love ya, but this going on (and on, and on and on) about the competition has to stop! If only for the sake of your sanity, and more importantly- everyone elses.

It was a set of vouchers for M&S on offer, not a Carribean cruise, really nothing to get over excited about was it? And yes, I know you're going to say the prize itself is not what you're upset about, it's the principle- yada, yada, yada, but it's done now...let it go!!
I've been longing to say that BOO, but just ignored it until the zzzzzz's!

I'm not the slightest bit interested in any weekly comp's on here, I only pop in for a little while, but it does get a bit tedious seeing same titles popping up in Recent Posts when I do!

But congrat's to dear Ethel though.
Hiya Smudge xxx

The daft thing here is I'm willing to bet that TCL himself doesn't care about the vouchers, I know (or think I do) that it's the principle of it that got his knickers in a twist. But enough's enough really. The comp was what? Over a week ago? Time to move on!
Hi again BOO.

Yes, it's probably only a wind up on TCL's part, but things move on.

When you think about little Hope who died today, it puts silly, tedious things into perspective somewhat!

Take care. -xx-

P.S. Hope little BOO had a wonderful 4th birthday! -xx-
Personally think TLC is enjoying himself posting these things all the time and is enjoying seeing the reaction that he gets from everybody and winding them up. Good luck to him!! TLC ain't daft!!

Quite right I said earlier on here (probably several times) my mum always said "Plaster thick, some will stick...."

My Mum used to say "A still tongue makes a wise head".

It's a pity some can't bite their's before they open it!

But there you go!

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