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THECORBYLOON | 23:50 Tue 02nd Dec 2008 | Site Suggestions
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After the huge success of the last one, what's this week's?
Which version of the rules applies to-day? Will the winner know they've actually taken part this time?


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I agree with you both lottie and Robinia (hello ladies by the way), he probably is chortling away to himself over these "boringly controversial (heh!) posts of his, but if enough people are now asking him politely to stop, don't ya think it is time to...well, stop 'em?
Nah, he ain't gonna do that is he BOO - not when he has an audience, bless him!

Mind you, I have been ignoring them until today! It is after all, only a website!

Back to normality!
Well, nobody ever seems to want to stop the most boring and tedious person on this site BOO! I daren't mention the name because I am a coward!!
rofl smudge- yeah probably!

and urgh to reality, do we have to? It's 'orrible :-(
And lottie, some of us do, believe me, there just doesn't seem a way to do that yet!

Just a continuance of the report drama.
But if it keeps some happy i say throw ema competition of the day.
that will make it almost imposssible to complain about as the net day will be another competition.
even looon there will get fed up with that.

wont he ??
So... what IS this week's competition? :-p
It's really not worth getting ones knickers in a twist is it BOO? He, he! ;o}

Normality for me means venturing out into the freezing cold & having a brisk walk to the shops - good for the heart & soul. ;o}
Snagged id tell you .
But im wearing gloves
Hence the typoos

lol leg & snagged!!
Lol indeed.
Im sure the last competition here was a spot the ball one.

The ed emails you a piccy of an ice hockey game.
if you can place an x on the spot where the football is

you win

seemed simple enough to me

and i did find the m&s vouchers made a good xmas presssy for my mam

D T H ???
Go on, THECORBYLOON. It keeps em' happy
Hi to yoo too B00...TCL makes me chortle (I love that word)

Perhaps this week's competition thread should be along the lines of Just a Minute? Sixty seconds to read each post, all having no hesitation, repetition or deviation. That should cut the entrants down a bit....


Somehow I do not think another competition will follow!! Well done TCL!!
I heard there was no winner of the post of the week. Will the prizes be carried forward to the Christmas competition?
Please let TCL win, whatever/wherever/whenever the next competition is...
'pretty please'... all that 'Mumping' can't be doing him any good...
TCL might shut up then.
Question Author
I may be a wee bit old-fashioned but to me, good customer service means a lot. I�m not bothered about the value of the prize, nor who won, it�s the total disregard shown by the AB Editor. Some folk may be bored with this but that does not mean that I am wrong. If the AB Editor had addressed these concerns-and there are others who were not happy about it-then there would be no need to ask about it again.

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