Double standards

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THECORBYLOON | 22:49 Mon 01st Dec 2008 | Site Suggestions
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Why has ma question about an unlawful post been removed when the unlawful post remains?


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corby youre p!ssing against the wind I think
Question Author
Ma middle name is "Thrawn."
did u have a nice birthday?
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I had a sore head all day and no, it was not self-inflicted.
och thats a shame, i ken what u mean by thrawn, im in Perth lol
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It seems that rather than deal wi the point of the thread, it's easier to pretend it's not there by banning it.

If there was something wrong about ma question, why did the weekend AB Editor not ban it?
What is the question in question, TCL?
I know you must be mad wi not getting answers from the ED, I would be too, did you email him about it?
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After the AB Editor called me "boringly controversial" in a previous thread, I e-mailed him six times and he did not reply to a single one, so I see no point in that method..
let the ed try calling me boreingly contraversial!!!!! I agree TCL, the ed has kept his head down pretty much and is just firing over the parapet in a hit and run way
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mrs.chappie the thread was questioning the assertions made in the AB Editor's thread in Friday's ChatterBank about how effective the reporting function is. I pointed out that an illegal post is still showing. The option to report that illegal thread had been removed which implied it had been looked at and deemed to be okay. I asked if he was condoning an illegal post and ma thread has been removed
A belated Happy Birthday TCL xx

I went to post this yesterday morning, but your thread has gone. Keeping my fingers crossed that this remains.

Keep up the good work!!
-- answer removed --

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Double standards

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