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THECORBYLOON | 23:42 Wed 26th Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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What are the rules this week?


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It would be nice if it wasn't just for the scary people in Chatterbank.
hey Gromit you know i'm not scary! except when the ed messes up a competition, then i get quite annoyed
There is no comp this week!
they probably discovered that the Woollies vouchers that were to be the prize actually entitle you to a whole shop.
well as it caused so much of a furor last time, I'm not surprised the ED has decided to knock it on the head.

I've never seen so much bitching and backbiting as was on here after the winner was announced.
Everyone should be feeling ashamed of themselves.
nobody was complaining about the winner, only about the fact that she seemed to have won a completely different contest from the one that had been announced.
daniela every comment I made/ read/ was annoyed at the ed's way of doing things not at the winner.
I didn't say the furor was about the winner!
I said when the winner was announced.

There was so many posts made about it and people calling the ED names, that it's no wonder he has decided not to do it again.

We all learn from our mistakes..................even it seems the ED.
ditto jno and dot!! we are all delighted for ethel, no one was bitching at all, people were unhappy that the Ed had decided to change the rules without telling anyone my answer ^^^^^
I'll add my name to Cazz's ditto. As far as I know noone was calling the Ed names. And I am not feeling ashamed of myself for thinking and stating that it's daft having a competition for one thing and then giving a prize for another.
Hopefully, there won't be any more competitions anyway. It just increased the amount of really stupid posts!
okay daniela, but why should I be ashamed of myself?
sorry cazz. not you personally, and anyone else whom thought they had a legitimate reason to question the rules of the competition.
But names were called loftylottie, and one person in particular who I believe called the ED a barsteward, who has since been removed, and according to a post of facebook, cannot get back on here now.

Some comments were rather embarrasing to read, and it must have been awful for Ethel to read all the posts.
Quite honestly Daniela I should think Ethel took it all in her stride - a very sensible and level headed lady who I can't see getting upset about anything anyone says on here.

I saw nothing to offend me, although I didn't read every post, I'm sure.

I'm pleased you won Ethel.
just sad about some of the posts afterwards that's all.
Lottie, you are corrrect about Ethel taking it all in her stride. I spoke to her the afternoon she found out, and she was very cool about it and not upset about any posts on here.

To be honest, some of the posts were quite funny, and we had a chuckle about them!

Ethel, you've just gotta love her, haven't ya!
Well I seem to have missed all the fuss and being a nosey person I want to find out what ive missed, from what I knew it was a 'post of a week' comp where you posted in the ab polls section and the winner won a box of wine, other than that no other points were raised by the ED like how he would pick a winner. From reading the posts here it would seem Ethel was the winner.

What went wrong, why did people get upset, what were the grounds for Ethel winning, and did she get her prize?

From a nosey What..the?
I don't know why I won, but what I found especially funny was that although I was aware of the competition, I did nothing to try and win it.

My M&S vouchers are in the post - I have been in email communications with the editor and it is all in hand.

Oh Ethel, you have given me some hope. I might win the lottery next week then, even though I don't buy any tickets!!
I hope you buy something nice for yourself - you lucky lady.

Glad you saw the funny side of it too!

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