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THECORBYLOON | 22:47 Mon 24th Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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Can you please point out to me and everyone else, the thread that won this competition? On 12th November, the rules were as follows-
1) It must be clean.

2) It must be on a good topic (something that will spark debate and discussion)

3) It must be posted on Chatterbank AND AB Polls.

4) If you make us chuckle, you get extra points!

5) It's just a bit of fun! Enjoy it, have a laugh and enjoy the competiton.

The competition will be running until next Friday (21st) so get your entries in by then and we'll let the winner know ASAP.

Good luck and happy posting!


Since Ethelhas NO thread in AB Polls, I can see a problem immediately.

It may be an oversight that the thread isn't in AB Polls but it'll be in CB..... won't it?


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it is an Editor's privilege to change his mind.
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nk... head down!
Of course there is no thread.

The current blog implicitly suggests that the rules previously stated for POTW were no longer the criteria:

"...we came to the conclusion that the winner of these vouchers should be someone helpful, someone who is always around to give answers and lend a helping hand."
Question Author
Ah, so we're telt the rules have changed AFTER the winner has been announced? Does that not sound a wee bit odd?
told. told. told.

not telt.
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Question Author
See? Gormless has developed a stutter he/she is so outraged!
It was a total balls up.
I sense that someone is a tad jealous of Ethel's prize.
Morning TLC. I understand completely where you are coming from but I think you are wasting your time. The Site Rules and now the competition rules are obviously changeable according to the Eds whims and nothing will change. It is all very odd, but I think you just have to accept things as they are.

It might be a good idea if the Editor just picks one ABer a month for a prize for any reason he sees fit. This would save all the hastle and noone would be entering rubbish threads just for the sake of trying to win a competition.

I am happy for Ethel as I am sure you are too. She would be a very deserving winner of poster of the week and I hope she really enjoys her winnings.

I'm betting she's really embarressed about winning then, folks have done nowt but whinge since it was announced.

Tue 25/11/08

I don't agree with the one-off payment of �60 to pensioners.

We are not all on the bread line, a lot of us still pay income tax and I believe this money could be better spent elsewhere.

Don't think Ethel likes bonuses?
I think TCL will be getting telt aff by the Ed again.
To question his authority is tantamount to treason.
When TCL was younger he used to go to the local zoo with a pointed stick, and poke the lions.
I love bonuses, terambulan, but not from the government when they give with one hand and take with the other.

take this AB bonus Ethel, spend it & enjoy x
Well done Ethel a recognition of your helpfulness, very well deserved I might add.

The next time I see the M&S add on the box I shall think of you and drool.
Question Author
I am not the least bit jealous of ANYONE. What annoys me is the fact that the rules were ignored, then changed , no-one was telt about it til after the event and the AB Editor does not seem to be bothered about what we think.
Maybe try your hand at some answers. This isn't the moaning bank.

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