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THECORBYLOON | 22:47 Mon 24th Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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Can you please point out to me and everyone else, the thread that won this competition? On 12th November, the rules were as follows-
1) It must be clean.

2) It must be on a good topic (something that will spark debate and discussion)

3) It must be posted on Chatterbank AND AB Polls.

4) If you make us chuckle, you get extra points!

5) It's just a bit of fun! Enjoy it, have a laugh and enjoy the competiton.

The competition will be running until next Friday (21st) so get your entries in by then and we'll let the winner know ASAP.

Good luck and happy posting!


Since Ethelhas NO thread in AB Polls, I can see a problem immediately.

It may be an oversight that the thread isn't in AB Polls but it'll be in CB..... won't it?


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Maybe the quality of the entries was just not god enough? I think that the pressure of coming up with something good stifled the more creative posters and the rules had to be changed. Personally, i think that Ethel was a deserving winner and I am sure there are many more out there as well.
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Is 5813 answers good enough for you Yes-Chef?
If any of them are like the posts I've read, they'll be you moaning 5813 times over.
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Get yir facts right, I'm mumping in only 5810 of them!
see I raised the same question and was told to stop moaning, I was ruining ethels prize and I was jealous.

Changing the Terms and Conditions in a public competition after the prize has been awarded is probably illegal. This is Answerbank's equivalent to Blue Petergate etal.

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