Baby P, a Court Order and Contempt of Court

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THECORBYLOON | 22:30 Tue 18th Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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The following is on the News topic and has been for some years-

"Important notice
Please note: Anyone asking about or attempting to name people involved in legal cases where injunctions or anonymity are in place will have their accounts terminated."

I suggest that you have that as a "sticky" in News, Law and Chatterbank since there are a fair few folk who are ignoring a current Court Order involving Baby P and two of the accused.


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I had nothing to do with it Mr. Editor sir! ;)
It'll make very little difference in the grand scheme TCL. I received a text circular on my mobile phone this evening with a defiant message and details of the accuseds' names and address. It seems there are people out there on a mission to name and shame by whatever means possible. I imagine the world and it's dog knows who these people are and where they live by now.
They live in prison now don't they?
Yes, for a very long time too, hopefully.
well, here's a bunch of people to name and shame.... not suppressed as far as I know...
Bah humbug, it's gone now jno and I wanted to look at that!!
apparently the court had it removed after I posted the list. I didn't spot any of your neighbours on it, neti.
OMG jno the whole bloody council over here will be on it, especially as I'm a foreigner and they are trying to steal my land!!

Sorry everyone, am having dreadul trouble with mouse and everything today and it's all going everywhere, apologies!!
Are you really facing landgrab, netibiza?

A friend of mine went through this about 5 years ago. Absolutely shocking.

I didn't know it was happening on your island too
Yes Ethel but it's not the normal Coastal Reform, it's just some silly idea that they want my little parcel of land to turn cars around on, which is ridiculous as a) there are no reasons for a car to come up to my little parcel of land, and b) they tried to turn it into a park with fountain (when I wasn't even on the mains at that time!) in 1991 and we managed to to it stopped. Someone just seems to want my land!! i am totally fed up with the whole bl**dy thing. It'll cost us a heap of money through no fault of ours!!!
I feel for you - that sort of thing can really eat away at you.

Good luck with it anyway. :(
thanks Ethel we live to fight another day! x

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Baby P, a Court Order and Contempt of Court

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