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Sgt.Rock | 16:20 Sun 16th Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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Can you please pay more attention to people posting synonyms for swear words and take the appropriate action. I have just reported a repeat offender.


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Neither are you danny .

And your posts here today show you as very two faced dear.
But thats maybe your want?

Puss puss ignore sgt rock , and all his abusive posts are removed , though the ed still has them .
Everything is stored .lol

As for whiffy well i havent conversed directly with him since last week.
Finally reached my limit with his abuse and the personal stuff hes behind away from here was the final straw.

So you 3 enjoy each others company

i really couldn6t give a bleep

Look in the mirror , you wont like what you see any more than anyone else does .

Pathetic the lot of ya.

Get a real life eh ?
Question Author
daniela - Hilarious isn't it? I honestly haven't a clue what leg end is on about. He's obviously got me confused with someone else.
Thanks legend, but I have a life that I am very, very happy with.
Ohj dear nkleggy you used a bad word there sff oops

well they say im backwards eh

well bleep em

pusspuss, do you think legend should receive special treatment, be coddled in cotton wool on here, or open to exactly the same stimuli as everybody else?

legend, you are most definitely mixing Sgt.Rock up with someone else. It is not who you think it is.

Question Author
just for the sgt

"if the editor was to watch legends posts and zap the trolls who try to wind legend up it would solve the problem."

That plainly isn't a question!!
Correct - it isn't a question. But could certainly be the answer.
Question Author
Get a life, very good from someone who is on here until the early hours of the morning most nights!!

As I have stated leg end I am more than happy for you to list my "abusive" posts.
" early hours of the morning most nights!! "


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synonyms for swear words

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