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Sgt.Rock | 16:20 Sun 16th Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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Can you please pay more attention to people posting synonyms for swear words and take the appropriate action. I have just reported a repeat offender.


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Funnily enough to post about masturbating into andrex and pretending to be a lesbian russian schoolgirl is okl if youre whiffy

I love how one bleep hypocrite draws out all the other bleep hypocrites


sgt rock has your pc froze?


bleep bleep lol
Question Author
pusspuss - I understand that you cannot a simple question, let me try again, yes or no?

Hypocracy someone who has been getting people banned from here left right and centre then posting psuedo swear words themselves.

ps A shag amongst other things is a bird of the cormoran family.
I said "swearing" legend.

BTW, could you post a link to the subject you mentioned? Thanks.
Personally id be more bothered about the promotion of drug abuse and the propensity of
" lets pretend were lesbians so we can get the guys all hot and bothered "
, and im presuming schoolkids might be reading too ?

But then some folk get their rocks offf at that sort of stuff eh ???

Is it possible to have triple standards do you think ?

lmfa at sgt rock

i bet the editorial team are at present doing the same

a quicker u turn than ive ever seen lol

two faced bleep


Frankly daniela...I see bleeped out,starred or synonymous words as being the very least of the worries we should all be concerned with. Yes-in some cases language can be toned down....but in the great big scheme of things ( both here and in the 'real' world ) it is small. Please do not think I am being flippant about this........As I said-it is necessary to try to see things in the the context they are used......and a huge number of ABers may be guilty in your eyes,as many of us have used them. But I believe even the ED would say that blanket censorship over every starred word is both impossible and impractical.
The site is a far better place than it was 2 months ago.....give it-and its participants- a chance to grow.
anyways ive got stufff to do

btw sgt rock maybe youll post about users hiding behind other names to try and start some crap on the site ?

since the eds started the sites better

whiffy and all his crap and his posts have been well controlled and you pop up trying to cause trouble

well do your best

im sure everyone can see thru your transparent attempt to cause more trouble

btw didnt the ed post weeks ago about badgering?

now im not saying youre a black n white stripy creature


if the boot fits


catchya : 0)

lol now i see what its about


ios that you lambo ?

lmao : 0)
It would seem that you are the one that is unable to answer a simple question
i have reported a few threads on this site , but i have never found the need to report legend.

Let's get this straight shall we legend - are you saying that I "did" the Ruskies?

Your mate the ED will be able to knock that one on the head.

Question Author
pusspuss - It doesn't bother me if people want to "follow me around" on here. Now let me try once more, you would find it acceptable if someone used leg ends language to your parent's or children, yes or no? Easy answer.
sgt rock who were you that was banned then ?

So we can decide why ?

Were you one of the nasty abusive trolls ?
I mean unless you own up

well you could be lungy for alll we know

eh ?


pusss pusss sgt rox for brains has ben like this since he reinvented himself

id ignore him

btw cant say i know you but thanks for seeing thru this transparent attempt to cause more grief on cb

some folk will stop at nothinmg

notice he doesnt complain about pormn links or the lipstick lesbianism which sometimes makes you wanna throw up its so ott

but then maybe he likes that ???
you have still not answered my question and i have more important things to do , bye
puss puss sgt rock wont answer

i believe
tho im open to correction

that he may be or be connected in some way to the person whos posted mine and others full names on here and pictures and posted death threats and abuse about people families and cheap digs about my children too.

SDo if hes suddenly turned alll mary whitehouse then is it a different tack to continue a campaign of over a year now, yes the abusive emails go back that far : 0)

Enjoy your day puss puss.
You are wrong legend.
He is not who you think he is.
I'll try one more time - legend, are you saying I "did" the Ruskies?

Now put up or shut up, thanks.
Question Author
pusspus - I have and you can no longer defend the indefensible. Pathetic.

Looks like leg end has lost it, I haven't a clue what he is rambling on about. I am happy for him to post some evidence.
-- answer removed --
Question Author
Leg end, like many others, I have no idea why I was banned. We never get to find out, another suggestion for the Ed.
just for the sgt

if the editor was to watch legends posts and zap the trolls who try to wind legend up it would solve the problem.


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