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Sgt.Rock | 16:20 Sun 16th Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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Can you please pay more attention to people posting synonyms for swear words and take the appropriate action. I have just reported a repeat offender.


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It is not only people that use swearwords disguised with * and ! and $$.
It is the ones that post questions like...... .''can anyone tell me what wtf means?''
which then gets answers of people telling them!!
But it is not just swear words.

It won't let you call someone c0ck which I believe is a northern term.

Like, "Alright c0ck?"

And that is not swearing.
Question Author
I was referring to this:

Sun 16/11/08
15:06 Question Author

fook offff lol

Pretty obvious what the word is meant to be. Would you accept someone saying this to you verbally? Think not.

a lot of people like legend and he is bound to get annoyed when trolls follow him around all the time.
Question Author
So you agree with this sort of language then pusspuss?
maybe so pusspuss, but as this was posted at 5 past three on a Sunday afternoon, it's very likely that children are using the site!!!

It is quite clear what it means isn't it??
I do not agree with trolls and can understand why legend may lose his cool from time to time. would you like to have trolls follow you around all day ? if the editor was to watch legends posts and zap the trolls who try to wind legend up it would solve the problem.
I don't like to see swearing , covered up , disguised or whatever . matter how much legend 'gets annoyed' or 'loses his cool(?)' he should not use language like this on a Sunday afternoon on a family site!!!

When posted to someone whos following me abouit i think that post telling sgt rock to fook off was perfectly ok .

I could tell him to get to felixstowe and when hes there he can walk himself into a state of pleasure .

At the thought that hes really just a silly man with a head full of ship and im sure hes moree active on the keyboard than in the mouth department.

But then hed cry like a little bird and wed never hear the end of it .

So i feel this is just more of sgt rocks petty crusade and he can kisss my fanny.

Btw just clear this up in a thread laast week did you post S**G as a synonym for having sex ?

I love it when the hypocrisy pours out.
I suggest the ed reads thias thread , has a giggle , then gets on with important work .

This is legend saying catchya later . : 0)

Even in the 'real' world,we can all tell the difference between swearwords used with anger and intent to hurt; and those used in a more humorous or street-talk manner. I also think most of us accept that the latter is part of day-to-day usage.
We are all adults on here,and I think we can all tell the difference and make our own minds up about things.
Danny get a grip and stop being an idiot woman

fook and s**g whats the difference?

Sometimes you can go a bit far danny with stupid comments.

In future ill bleep my words , which is perfectly ok , if thats ok with you , tho i never saw you complain about a porn link on here for 2 days .

Hypocritical bleeep you really are talking outta your bleep.

D T H ?
But we are not all adults on here pasta.

Children use this site also, and this profanity was posted on a Sunday afternoon.
Do you still think it is acceptable??

Question Author
pusspuss - Answer the question. You would find it acceptable for someone to say this to you or someone in your family. Yes or no?
Danny pathetic blee`p attempt to score opoints

Absolutely bleep pathetic .

You wanna take a look at yourself
what part of my answer do you not understand

Sgt rock did yopu post S**G last week ( btw we all know you did ) to represnt a slang word for sex ?

take your time and lets see your answer

bleep for brains lol
pusss its simple sgt rock canb post innuendo etc

And we can now see danny trailing along

Its funny im lmfao ooops is that allowed now too ?

for bleep sake

I see the drivel has started earlier than usual.

Swearing, disguised, starred-out, you name it, is never justified, any time day or night. It shows a weak mind.
Notice sgt rock is guilty , but its ok for him .


I see a hole in his plan

almost as cunning as a baldrick one


what a bleep lol : 0)

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