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THECORBYLOON | 23:23 Thu 13th Nov 2008 | Site Suggestions
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The AB Editor wrote "I'm trying to make the effort to improve things around here, and with the tools I currently have it can be difficult."

I'm not sure ma staff would've appreciated being called "tools"...


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I didn't realise the new Ab Editor was an engineer.. in charge of tools .... nah.. surely not !
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It seems ma wee bit humour has passed you by leggymessiah
PURL and WOOL....even an elephant knows that . Tut ...
You've made me drop a stitch now ...
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I must agree there's definitely purl .... mind I don't do that much with wool these days, I prefer cotton and silk, they are lovely materials to use.

Now, back to the tools - power or hand ?
Maybe toads...
Creep Creep,
i got the joke 0) veryfunny!
Oooohhh Snagged.... (with the cool "a" that I haven't worked out how to do yet lol)... yep, definitely toads !

Did you know that toads are similar to frogs.. well, nor did I ! But not really the same as tools I am sure..
Question Author
I'm glad you did ddaisy it's only a wee bit fun...
What you on about jugs lol...
Lol snagged..

1. Your cool letter *a* with the little "o" over it.. (in your username!!!)
2. You brought up toads, not me ! I started off with tools.. lol
no toad's tools around here but I've got a darning mushroom...every good knitting circle has one...
i think the Eds got a sense of humour as well, blimey he must have when you read some of the talking points on hear!!
I meant your 'toads/frogs' comparison...

Nevermind... the moment has passed!
Hey...Robinia.. I'd forgotten about those - very few people actually darn stuff anymore... they just throw the socks/jumper/cardi out and buy new....

Thing is, I actually like darning stuff.. it's quite satisfying to be able to repair garments for me and my mates.
Ahhh, snagged.. sorry - I am sure I heard on a R2 programme the other day that toads and frogs were actually from the same family of critters..
Maybe he means one of those all purpose socket sets that you used to get off the market for �4.99, they were a good christmas present.

I'm still trying not to post anything about posts as it got confusing

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