Yay - My Profile is working!

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smudge | 01:12 Sun 12th Oct 2008 | Site Suggestions
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I'm sitting at my sister's house showing her around AB & found that 'Threads I'm involved in', ' My Questions' & 'Questions I gave answers to' seem to be working at long last. I don't know whether this is just a fluke, or whether the Tech's have been busy with their tool box, if so, a big thank you! ;o}


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Hya smudge

Hya sister
Question Author
Hi A.Guest from me & my sister. ;o}
alas, still not working for me. It sometimes does late at night, though, so if I stay awake till 3 or so...
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lol jno - strange that! I bet it won't work for me either when I get back home 50 miles away - probably in a few hours time!
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Un-Yay! ;o{

Just as I thought - I'm now back at home on my own pc & those 'headings' aren't working, so maybe it was a fluke, or my sister's pc has special powers!

Let's hope it won't be too long before they are working! ;o$
Hello smudge, How's you and your coggles, much better, I hope?

Now, I emailed our glorious new Ed about this same problem a few weeks ago and the reply (at least this one does reply!) was to clear my cookies - plus no one else had the problem. Mmmmm! Sooo, me cookies are well and truly cleared, but 'Timeout, Expired' still remains, so apart from double clicking on 'My Questions etc, which sometimes works we shall have to play at your sisters house!!
Mine's still not working - hasn't worked in yonks :-)

Hiya smudge all OK?? ^8^

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Yay - My Profile is working!

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