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brachiopod | 01:12 Fri 19th Sep 2008 | Site Suggestions
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It's an age old problem, I know, but when, (for the usual reasons), the perennial Trolls' accounts get deleted - why completely erase them from AB history?

Deleted answers can make some of our most highly respected AB'ers look like raving lunatics as they argue and post replies to themselves. They haven't, of course, but the lack of interspersed parry and riposte makes it look that way.

Would it be possible to replace posts from deleted accounts with a "Post Removed" or "User Deleted" type tag, rather than removing all trace? That way, genuine contributors to the thread don't end up looking like supreme champions in a "raving rants with yourself" competition.

I'm sure you could toss it down to the tame Techies you keep in the basement of Crystal Towers to mull over and find a solution?


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No, of course I didn't. What a ridiculous thing to say. Now, run off and go and do your homework.
I just think you're completely missing the point of Brachi's post. Furthermore that kind of potty mouth is just uncalled for and don't call my lovely Brachi names!
LOL China Doll.

I very much agree, brachiopod. When I first started coming to the AnswerBank I kept thinking, for months, that I'll never understand real live English and that apparently it's one thing to watch British drama on the telly and an entirely different one to actually try to interact... I nearly went mad before I finally figured out what's going on, ha ha...
This thread now illustrates beautifully what brachiopod is saying. Good idea Brachiopod.
brachiopod and China set that up,there's no bu66er joking Good idea,what about it mr ED.(:O)
Well, I must admit I seriously did wonder Vinny :o)
(Oi Vinny could you check your calendar and/or your inbox please. Sorry brachiopod, won't hijack your thread any further.)
It seems you now have your answer.
Complete post deleted this afternoon.

The power of complaint is getting better on here, well done that man!


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