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MAD BUTCHER | 23:51 Sun 27th Jul 2008 | Site Suggestions
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Wouldn`t it be a great idea if EVERYONE had the opportunity to review their question before posting and correct any spelling and grammar mistakes etc. Judging by the amount of errors these days I can only think that this is not available to all.


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I argee.

Ther are lots of careless postngs, and speling mistakes.

I suspect everyone has the 'preview' facility, but time is short and many can't really bothered with the convoluted toing and throwing that it requires.

So long as your point is understood, it doesn't really matter does it.
I don't do any throwing at all with my posts, Octavius, I bring them in on a silk cushion before gently laying them down on the editor's desk.
You haven't been anywhere near the Chatter mudbank then jno?
If you couldn't spell and your grammer was bad, how would you know if your question was set out correctly or not?
Your question makes the assumption that everyone has the ability to identify their own grammatical and spelling errors. Sadly, this is not the case.

Of course, if I was to be pedantic, I could point out that the use of 'and', in your question, is grammatically incorrect. (A comma is required after 'posting'. 'And' needs to be substituted by something like 'in order to').

I've also got my doubts about 'grammar mistakes'. Shouldn't that be 'grammatical mistakes'?

Further, it would be wise (before criticising others) to learn that 'amount' should only be used with non-discrete quantities, which can't be counted individually. Discrete (i.e. 'countable') measures require the use of 'number', rather than 'amount'.

strictly speaking, A is replaced by B when B is substituted for A. And 'everyone' is singular and cannot therefore take a plural adjective ('their'). Whether 'grammer' is a mistake of spelling or grammar, I am not sure.

But I sure am a pedant.

Octavius, how dare you? Such insults would once have been settled on the field of honour.
Perhaps posters could also review their contributions to facilitate the removal of included expletives disguised in a manner to bypass the automatic censor - do you not agree MAD BUTCHER?

Of course, posting bad grammar is a far greater sin to some than posting bad language, even when a Site Rule exists for the latter and not the former.

Instead of AB Ed occasionally having to edit your posts of offensive material, perhaps your adherence to one of the Site Rules would allow her more time to concentrate on other areas of the site.
Chris, you're a gentleman. x
It might help if the preview didn't mess up all your spacing and formating in your post.

If you go back to make a correction, your answers come back as one huge paragraph.

Needless to say, this bug has been present for many years but never fixed.

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Editing before posting

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