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beryllium | 20:19 Thu 25th Oct 2007 | Site Suggestions
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Do I have my little fan club removing answers??? for everyday that I may answer a poster on here?
It goes up by one answer removed a day but does not correspond with the day answered or indeed 10 pages of answers. lmao.

Should I be flattered???

Lots of Love

Confused. xxx


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Oh, I love that film.
Beryl, not a lawyer, but I am a man of constant sorrow.
I'm a Georgle Clooney fan!

And I love that film.
That's decided the, it's on jno album.
How has Jail House Rock not been mentioned?
Sorry CD, that was Beryliums You tube which I know you cannot see at work.
Question Author
Just ordered the film from Amazon :D xxx
Ah. I did wonder!

Wide Open Space - Mansun?
-- answer removed --
Don't fence me in - Andrews Sisters
Sitting in Guantanamo Bay - Otis Redding
Question Author
The Prisoner.

sorreeee CD :/ xxx

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How Bizarre Techies...

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