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Agent_Smith | 11:20 Wed 26th Sep 2007 | Site Suggestions
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im afraid i am gonna say good bye to all my friends from the AB. i have somehow got a stalker in our midst who for some reason has got it in for me, now i dont mind when they have a go on here because an argument is good for the soul and is usually taken in the jest it was meant but when someone is joining adult sites using your email addy and sending false accusations Via email to people telling them to contact my wife regarding my adultery it gets a bit to much. you will probably say "ignore this SKIDERELLA or lad called jordan" but after seeing the wife on edge thinking some nutter is gonna knock on the door any minute and try and harm me,her or the kids, you have to listen to her wishes!!! i wish you all well in your lives and hope the AB can get back to its once great site!! ps...... i have informed the police about you joining sites in my name and they have told me not to worry as it will be your ip address it will read??, but they will be happy to follow it up if i have any more harrasment from you.... means nothing to me? also......... to all that know the rugeleyboy email addy, i will no longer be using it or logging on to it. take care!!! xxx (the xx's are a kiss on the cheek for any lady that wants em,please dont think its in anyway a comeon!!) ;�)


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i have received a email from this jordan guy today,i just put it in the junk box.
I am a bit perplexed. Have you been giving your email address out to people? How else can they contact your wife? I am sure there are many agent smiths out there just as there are Gromits.

You should never give out your email address or personal information on any forum or over the net.

Don't let 'em get to you or else they have won.
Awww ruge I'm gutted it's come to that don't go!
Oi! Check your messages.
ruge, what can i say! Im sad today! You're one of abs finest and you know you will be missed by many!

i find it incredibly sad that this crap is happening to you, of all people, you dont deserve it .

Im certain your wife has nothing to worry about though, just empty words made to unsettle you.Give her an extra big hug tonight !

Catch you soon RB! thanks for the laughs on here!
That's another fine ABer gone
here's a prezzie for you ruge, it's a photo of sarah-jane enjoy and see ya
its a sad day when you cant enjoy a couple of hours in what used to be a BRILLIANT site !!!!!
some may or may not have noticed i dont frequent this site any more. there was a time i was addicted, these days i find im wasting my time in here.
to you RB, do what you feel you need to do mate. but dont let some sad ****�r rule the way you enjoy your time !!!
"live long and prosper"

thanks for the kisses, but you need a shave ! :-)
Gawd bless ya, RB xx
Hi, funky! *waves* How are you? x
funky is that you looks at person with long beard down to his knees and torn clothes
Blimey, scary stuff!!!!!! Awwwww bye bye
Surely you can explain how someone got your email address?. Many on this site, especially newcomers, will now be wondering how secure their details are and if they are going to suffer the same fate as you. I think you owe it to them (you, or someone else in the know) to explain.
Bird Legs,

RB has given out his email address, as have many others- me included. They're not usually personal ones, they're ones made up for use on AB, but all the same it's not nice to know someone has it in for you without reason.
the problem is some people use their real name in e mail addys i have said this a thousand times but no one listens
as AB editor maybe you should send out a blanket email to all members warning them of this issue?....
i got an email today from this Skids person...

Havent been on here for ages so was surprised....

These are just sad people that clearly have nothing better to do than upset others and make them feel uncomfortable and try to ruin them. You deserve better than that, but dont let them win by forcing you off a site that you genuinely enjoy being on - its not fair and you shouldnt give them that satisfaction!

Hope you're alright x
so your real name ISNT Bob Theturkey Im shocked.

Ive learnt to use made up names and regularly have changed my name on here and other sites and changed email addys due to problems with spammers / con artists and other dodgy people. And have at least once had my email addy broken into. fortunately ive used hotmails which are disposable.
can someone tell me why i have received 2 emails today blaming me for this email that was sent out?
i got my hotmail broken into a few months ago after i received an email from other people on here about joining a site called Tagged. THey get you to post your email password in to confirm its you...then they automatically login your email addy and send emails to your address book contacts.
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