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stewey | 02:52 Wed 26th Sep 2007 | Site Suggestions
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"The trivia questions appearing on the AnswerBank...should they stay or should they go?"

The wording of the question gives us 2 choices: 1 'for' and 1 'against' keeping trivia. Yet the selection of responses give us three choices: 2 'for' and 1 'against' keeping trivia. Slightly weighted don't you think?


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If they must stay, put them in a seperate topic, for heavens' sake.

May be 'harmless fun' but very annoying having to wade through this inane dross to find a 'serious' question - and even more annoying when the 'serious' question gets quickly lost off the first page because of the drivel.

Then hopefully all the flirting, abuse and chatter can be in a category I will never have reason to look at.

I don�t mind them to be honest, although I rarely contribute nor read through the answers.

I would go for a separate topic though, just to see whether it survives and thrives or just keeps reappearing in Body & Soul. I imagine a topic called �trivia� would end up with a lot of the Quizzes & Puzzles traffic anyway.

Not that I�ll bother voting, I really can�t be arsed with any of the pointless AB polls.
They are a waste of space on AB,

but let them stay: (they are reasonably harmless fun).

They should have their own topic.

Which option should I vote for?

moan moan moan moan moan!!! Jees guys Ed doesn't show much moan...Ed takes an moan hhhmmmmm anyway back to the point, I like the trivia, shall we start one now?
well I for one like the trivia and find them much less irritating than the constant ones about why have I been banned and sent to the dungeon?
I don't see why people can't just ignore them? There are certain users on here that I don't particularly like so I don't answer their questions and to be honest I find the argument that you have to wade through trivia questions to find a serious question pretty lame - no different than having to wade through questions that you find irrelevant or don't wish to answer. Plus it's not like trivia questions are posted throughout the day is it?
I love the trivia!!!!!!!!!!x
I just don't care particularly. Unless they push down a more serious thread.

Sometimes I answer, sometimes I don't. Depends on my mood and if I like the questions.

I do think they should have their own section though.
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Legend gets 3 stars because he's the only one who actually responded to the question as written. But, to the others who responded thanks.

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