a radical suggestion.....

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mrrobbo15 | 19:35 Thu 09th Aug 2007 | Site Suggestions
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but its a very good one........why not change the sports section back to the same format as the rest of the site ?

the new one isnt really working is it......


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Here's an interesting suggestion for the Ed. Why not create one of your 'AB Asks' questions in here and ask users opinions of the new Sports section? Would you like to see it reverted back to how it used to be? How would people feel if the rest of the main Ab site was the same format as SAB.

Go on ED i dare you to open that question up to the users!

I have some constructive criticism for the current format as i'm sure others have
I agree, and make those profile avatar things for the entire site.
Come on now be fair, if we last the amazing SAB the user would be very upset!
Lost not last, unless you are reading it with an Irish accent.
Lol looking forward to the new season btw :)
grandaughter had the new home kit on today.....very nice it looked too :D
Unfortunately, I think the dreadful unuseable Sports section is the prototype for the rest of Answerbank. It was stated the rest would be changed to look like the sports section. Whenever you do get any answers from AB Ed, they usually follow the line that they think it is wonderful (even though it is nearly dead now) and people will get used to it. What's it been now, 5 or 6 months, and everyone still hates it.

Don't think you will ever get them to admit they have made a big mistake though.
joking apart........

has anyone actually monitered the SAB in comparison to the old one?

i very rarely go into it but when i do it seems like its only new users............... the sport pub chat is about as popular as VD.

i dislike it a lot but as gromit has said, they will never admit thier mistakes?.........or will they?
I just found myself looking for a VD topic... yes, I'm ashamed.
I am going to use the SAB over the next few days, a little differently than i used to though. :o)
As someone who has never entered the sport section, I was just wondering what are the problems we have to look forward to on every other section?
Likewise I never really ventured into the Sports section, and now only fall into accidentally when a Q that I have contributed to has been relocated. I can, in all honesty, see why it doesn�t appeal but as said before it is unlikely to change back. Should the rest of the site go the way of SAB, I imagine my attention span would dwindle to its last little spark before embarking on a new horizon.

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a radical suggestion.....

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