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PinkFlower | 12:26 Sat 09th Jun 2007 | Site Suggestions
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On here, how do you make some words italic, bold ect, and make links be clickable. (Lol)
Just wondering =] Please help =] x


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here and a link will take you to a website with a set of basic lessons. Just click on the various �primer' headings once you get there and work your way through them. Good luck!
For bold and italic....

< b > Text < / b >

Do that but take out the spaces.....replace the b with an I for italic.

for a link go to the address at the top of the link, right click to highlight then click on edit, choose copy. Then press edit and paste in the AB answer box along with any comments you would like to make.

To bold or itallic a phrase you need to type or before the phrase and or after the phrase (b for bold or i for itallic).

hope that works!
Oops ignore the last bit, it didn;t work as I had planned!!!!!
At the bottom of this page there are some rd links, one is 'Tutorial' and it tell you how to do it in there.
Hi pinkflower.

I couldnt do it either till warpig,bigmamma and mrkknowall showed me. They have the patience of saints cos I hadnt a clue.

good luck
Morning BJ how are you?
lol....That just looks funny shortened don't ya think ?
Apart from Quizzy's helpful link, as Cheeky Chops says, if you click on Tutorials below, it shows you how.

Here's the link anyway:

Scroll down to Posting Guidelines & all will be revealed.

Good luck.
And this site will do it all for you !
Just paste your link in ..type in the word you want ..EG "here" and then click on "click me " and copy and paste into your post. .
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Ahh Thanks

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