thanks for the e mail....

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mrrobbo15 | 16:13 Fri 08th Jun 2007 | Site Suggestions
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telling me about phase 1 of sab is now complete.....and that phase 2 will be coming soon...can i suggest phase 2 involves putting as the same style as the rest of ab



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Won't that make you whinge even more?
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whinge ? only making a suggestion
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boring ? im only making a suggestion to the ed

personally I think your suggestion is an excellent one!
I get the feeling the rest of AB is gonna change anyway- going by Ed's blog the avatar bit is being rolled out. So maybe the whole of AB will be going BETA too? Personally I'm not bothered, I quite like how the sports bit looks, look better if it wasn't so squished, but nowt's perfect is it?
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yes BOO, it may well happen.......i just find it sad because everything was ok as it was...

as for things not being perfect.....ive fish n chips for tea...perfect with a capital 'p' hehe
Can see what you mean MrR, however looking at the old Ab critically, you gotta admit it looks dated (bless it), it's about time it got a face lift.

And chippy tea eh? Takes some beating- mind you, I'm on BBQ tonight so for once I wouldn't swap :-)
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theres nothing wrong at being dated ('he said looking into a mirror !') hehe

bbq ? how nice, im too cold for a barby, the sun isnt shining in northampton
yep, sorry B00, I agree with mr r - there's nowt wrong with being dated.
I like AB the way it is because it's 'tidy'. I can't be doing with the sites where there are things jiggling & bouncing all over the place... ;o)
Oh I dunno, nowt up with a bit of jiggling and bouncing either......ahem!
Its a shame that we had to have these changes but i guess its never gonna change back to how it used to be. (there have been a few us of us who've tried to demonstrate against the new SAB mind you!!) I guess we just have to deal with it or bu66er off!................It was worth a try though.

I will be staying on answerbank as a whole and will venture into the SAB to comment now and again, especially if there is banter!
What is sab - sounds a miserable car.....or a sports drink?

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thanks for the e mail....

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