how come.......

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mrrobbo15 | 15:51 Fri 01st Jun 2007 | Site Suggestions
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...a big brother section can appear just like that and yet you cant change the sports section back 'just like that' ?

loads of people have asked for it to be changed back and yet, what, 3 have asked for a bb section and hey presto........


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Are you people STUPID?! or just plain ignorant?!

How many more times does the ED have to tell?! Its getting so boring! Do you really need to be told time and time and time and time again about the sports section?!????!!!!! Hmmmmmm! Surely by now it should be quite apparent SAB is staying as it is end of! Finato! no more! finished�get the picture?!

By the way I like the BB category,
I think they had a BB section ready made, which they used last year, and just got it out of the closet under the stairs. It will be used plenty. They could restore the sports section but, as the Ed has said, they aren't going to because they have other plans.
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anyway....i asked a question in the big brother section......and its been moved to the echo chamber (sab whatever u call it)..........
Question Author not stupid or mystified thats all....

i too like big brother, but its just amazed me how, after been told their was nothing that could be changed, all of a sudden.....a new section

and i really dont find it boring at all......
It does seem a little strange that a couple of people ask for a BB category and suddenly it appears!

How many names were on the Sports petition before it was pulled?

And, as BB is a new category, why doesn't it look like Sport?
was only a matter of time before a BB section was put on.

Not sure how many members were around last year, but there wasn't half a kerfuffle (ace word!) about the amount of BB questions 'clogging' up the then TV section. All AB has done is nipped that in the bud before it starts.
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yes....i remember boo.........not much chance of the echo chamber clogging up lol

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how come.......

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