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nightmare | 12:56 Fri 18th May 2007 | Site Suggestions
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It is fairly obvious that some questions come from people who are totally unaware of Google or other search engines.
Their questions could be answered in seconds by typing relevant words into a search engine, instead of having to wait for AB replies.
If such questions are submitted, why not reply to them by telling them to Google it ?


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Because we are a helpful bunch. and if you're going to put google it why bother on this site at all. Just ignore and answer one that you think deserves to be answered. :-)
Like 4get says, there'd be no need for AB then, unless we called it the debating forum.

Besides, unless i've got easy questions to answer i'd have nothing to do all day, I might be in danger of having to do something drastic like housework!!!
I supply google with their info
was this question googled before asking ? : )
mabey some people don't know how to get the answer they need by google. therefor they need the ab.
my take on it is that both google and the answerbank answer questions that people have, so why is using one better than using another? at leat you get answers by real human beings here, not just robots!
Not another pedant ...Google doesn't know everything and lots of people like an answer from a human being .Google can't solve my cryptic crossword neither can it advise me on what to do about lots of things .For example ..I have a dog ..he had a nasty ear treatment that the vet gave me was any good and I found nothing on Google ..but an AB user gave me the solution.People who snap "Google it " are rude in the extreme .I hope I don't ask a Q and get you telling me to "Google it " !
People like a bit of interaction and discussion with others. It's a bit of fun ..everybody knows something that someone else doesn't and people love answering questions ....why are Quiz nights so popular ?
It's the same with those who moan about kids asking homework questions ..if they ask politely what's the harm in helping them? They might get to learn something that's not on the web or in a textbook from the vast amount of knowledge that lots of AB contributors have .
hehehe, I love it when Shaney get's bolshy ;-)
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When I see someone has answered like that I find it so rude of whoever the person is at the end of the typing fingers.

If you are going to answer like that at least follow it up with links of what you have found for them on GOOGLE.

Perhaps then, the answerer may learn something too eh?

B. :-) xxx

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