Missing - presumed close to death

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gen2 | 14:37 Wed 18th Apr 2007 | Site Suggestions
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A week ago my other half went into the new sport section and hasn't been seen since! I am starting to get worried. Are you sure you have provided a well sign-posted route back for lost souls? He wasn't expecting to meet the minator so didn't take a ball of string with him when he entered so does anyone have a map of the labyrinth?


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lol, please don't go in there and try to find him!
I told ya- a trail of breadcrumbs...........He didn't do it? Then may God have mercy on his soul then!

Is he insured?
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Rejoice - we are reunited at last and all is well (but a bit slimmer though). The AB techies finally got round to installing an exit door around two hours after the editor announced it existed. Apparently it is now situated at the end of the row of icons along the top.
Our thought are with you gen - hope he returns safe & well ...

if I hadn't left a trail of spilt wincarnis I'd still be in there too.
aha...all's well

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Missing - presumed close to death

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