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Stu Dent | 02:11 Fri 09th Mar 2007 | Site Suggestions
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Much of Scots Law and English Law is the same or similar - but a great deal of it is very different. It would be better if theis site could offer questioners the option of some tickboxes showing what nation they reside in - this is likely to give the questioner better quality advice, and save advisors giving otherwise good advice that is irrelevant to the questioner due to their jurisdiction.


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well, questioners can always mention where they live (except among the Wolof people of Senegal, where it is legally forbidden and this answer is therefore irrelevant).
Much is the same .... a great deal is different!

aren't we ALL good Europeans?

subject to a Napoleonic code of law ..... not the Anglo-Saxon law of old?

this is NOT a legal site to give advice!
Question Author
No the 'site' is obviously not aimed at giving only 'legal' advice, that's true. But what do you think the 'law' topic is for? Doh!!

Questioners can indeed say where they are from but many don't, and they don't because they don't see the relevance.
IMO if an aber has a complex legal question it is quite pertinent to mention the Country of Origin and most people would think to do that. If they did not, it would surely become clear during the debate on the thread anyway, as the questioner is able to volunteer extra info for the guidance of the other people posting replies, it is the art of Internet conversation and the way of AB, a thread develops naturally and all answers serve as information to others, whether it is correct, relevant or simply that the question author forgot to mention they were of the Wolof nation of Senegal. : )

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UK Law - Reflect the Different Jurisdictions

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