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gundog | 22:25 Thu 08th Mar 2007 | Site Suggestions
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I'm back. Just thought I'd let you know. Seems I stirred a few thoughts last night.
I do object to those amongst you who denigrate the fact that my name is in green. weren't you all green once? I would suggest that some of you still are.


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who are you?
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Hello havin. Go back to 26 of this site. My first posting.
I believe in calling a spade a spade not a "manual operated soil transference device"
I don't think a 'green' name has much to do with it. However, you did leave a very abrupt message in the Sports section that there really was no need for!
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What have I missed?
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Sorry! can't stay tonight. Some of us have to get up to go to work and pay taxes to keep the freeloaders.
Sleep well.
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Well arent you just plain rude gundog. Im sure if I was sitting in a pub with friends you would certainly be the "Billy" in the corner. Perhaps you should create yourself yet another new identity as billy and it would be far more appropriate. All the gun dogs I know are very nice animals and I dont think you are doing them justice.
you think any of the freeloaders here give a toss about you working your arse off to support them, just because you haughtily say it?
haha, i expect they are laughing at you and raising a pint to you right now!
Cheers gundog!!
That was a joke!! I'm a tax payer, honestly!
Don't mean to rock the boat....but.....He had a very valid point. Teenagers are having babies because there is no longer any stigma attached to it. They can have these babies because they are handed out benefits willy nilly. Years ago, not only was it shameful but you use to have to work to support the child as well. It's way to easy to have a baby now.

I had my daughter at 18 and her Dad worked 6 days a week to support us. I then went back to work when she was 18 months old and have been working ever since.

I think gundog just came across as harsh, but the point he was making is a very valid one......

(legs it
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To be honest....I didn't read all the replies, just his mainly.

I'll have a peek, but I'm not a member
What a snotty little d1cksplash he is. Shame his mother didn't use some contraception and do us all a favour. There's more than one type of ******* you know dunghog and you fall into the "parent's were married" catagory.
Before you judge people without knowledge of their situations, you might want to consider what we might assume about you, because from where I'm sitting you strike me as a bitter Daily Mail reading oaf who probably didn't make it to University and if he did got a third. I'm also assuming you're so worried about your tax because you don't earn a lot, so I'm assuming your round the world sprees were on the armed forces. I assume you have a little d1ck and a car with a 3.5 litre engine to compensate, and I assume that you are struggling with a bit of middle aged spread and a balding head and all the d1ck withering angst that must give a man's man like you.
What a pretty picture my assumptions of you paint. Now tell me how accurate they are...
Hello Ummmm, I've had a drink can you tell?Lol
Hello Noxy my sweet......

Yes I can tell.....but I love you anyway :-)
gundog - in answer to your question, yes, we were all once green, but our experience on AB has led to that changing.
Thats not to say that the views of 'green' posters are deemed any less valid than those in black. It would therefore seem that your insecurities lead you to lay blame elsewhere in order to justify yourself and your actions.

But just to point out, you are the only poster in green on this thread.

and one more thing, i found your question unnecessary and pointless,since i doubt that anyone cares that you have 'returned' which suggests to me that you are lonely and starved of attention leading you to post such rubbish in the hope of receiving attention,

A little tact is required if you want to be take seriously on AB

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