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lector | 23:42 Tue 13th Feb 2007 | Site Suggestions
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This facility is struggling ........

A recent Question, as an example -

Sun Tel 2367
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21a) Talk and Talk to conceal your irritation (8)

23a) He won't introduce his mates to each other (8)

26a) Relish the preliminary to a night out (8)

lector 13/02/2007

Your question may have already been answered!
1. Check through this list to find out.
2. The submit button is at the bottom of the page

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Can the techies look at this, please?


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I asked about a lost passport in travel earlier and fuklly expected to find a previous answer, i went through the offered list and there was nothing about passports hardly, let alone lost ones, i was quite surprised.
lol 'fully' sorry, i am watching shameless at the same time. (How did that typo actually pass the auto sensors? lol)
Question Author
this facility has been making less and less sense recently ... so I have printed out a detailed example.

best to scrap it if the quality cannot be improved?
Lector I dont get what you are saying? Are you saying that when yo usearch nothing relevant comes up?
Question Author
hi Djerba -

when you write a question ... and press 'submit' ... sometimes you are directed to a list of what the system deems are 'similar questions' ---- you are asked to check through this list to see if your question has already been asked --- you are given the option of either confirming your question or deleting.

if you look above ... I posted a question and the system gve me a load of mumble-jumble as to 'similar questions' ....

.... just isn't working!

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