Please switch off automatic censorship within links

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Buenchico | 18:01 Thu 01st Feb 2007 | Site Suggestions
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AB, quite reasonably, has software which deletes 'naughty words'.

AB's software also detects links, so that it can highlight them and make them 'clickable'.

Is there a way of getting these two systems to talk to each other so that 'naughty words', which happen to appear within links, aren't deleted?

For example, I included a link here which happened to include the letters y and i, followed by d. The censorship software obviously thinks that I'm being anti-semitic!: 358728.html

I usually read through my posts after sending them and I'm also experienced enough to suggest a way for readers to get around the problem. However, many posts from other people have been rendered entirely meaningless when their links have been destroyed by AB's 'over-zealous' censorship software.



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Honestly Buenchico, I think you've got a cheek here now....

Not only are you trying to foist those dodgy sites onto us innocent ABers (yeah we've heard about the sites you visit), but you're trying to blame the Ed & Co for protecting our virtue and deleting 'em.

If this site must use censor-bots because of the inability of some AB Users to conform to the Site Rules then I would suggest that the preview screen should reflect the censorship which is applied to the submitted post, thus allowing the poster to identify, and where necessary change, rogue vocabulary.

I'm not certain that an exemption should apply to URL text as this could then be open to abuse, in two senses of the phrase.

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Please switch off automatic censorship within links

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