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MrBen5 | 14:56 Fri 19th Jan 2007 | Site Suggestions
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Hmmm, hello AB :)
My suggestion is to have a section where you can leave a thankyou for peoples help(only on the body and soul section) . As by the time other peoples advice would have made a difference the post would have gone, (not literally, justpages away).
I have many a time wanted to leave a thankyou to people who have given me advice on things. It would only be something like "thanks everyone , things have turned out better now" or "cheers MrBen5, your advice was very very helpful".
Also, other people would be able to see if their advice was any good. It would be nice to see you have made a difference to someone.
I think babyC wants to thank me for 'destressing her' today .
What do other people think of this idea?


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MrBen, i hope you leave a thankyou anyway. I always go back to posts Ive left a reply on to see what the outcome was and to see if i can offer any further info if theyve asked for it.
hmmmmm, at risk of being as popular as a frisky dog at a Miss Lovely Legs Competition, I haveta say that I agreed with BabyC on that post.

If people would stop posting questions for the hell of it on B&S, and please don't insult anyone's intelligence by saying that this doesn't happen, then posts wouldn't fly off the 1st page at a rate of knots (nots?), people would be able to still see their question and answers and there'd be no need for yet another sub cat.
Thanks for all the advice you have given me MrBen

I, in a round about way, advised you to:

a) take your fingers out of your ears,
b) your head out of the sand
c) to have a regard for other peoples (voluntary) contribution to society

And what thanks did I get?? Nuffink, not a dickie-bord.

Ah well never mind, just leave the usual 3 stars up beside my handle.

You had better leave me three starts as well Ben!!!!
Don't know about any other AB-ers - but I have a a morbid curiosity to see if the questiner (or anyone) has replied to my replies (so-to-speak).
[For anyone that doesn't know - this is easily achievable by going to my profile > threads I'm involved in which will list every post you have contributed to.]

It does irritate me a little to see new posts taking up valuable "front page" space that say;

Q. Msg for (AB-er) tnx v much f psting rply hlpd v much lol innit ta random tasty tasty very very tasty, tyia, tx."

when the "thanks" could quite easily be added to their original question.

Still, that's just me being a misearble old git......

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