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shero101 | 14:05 Sun 19th Nov 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Hi AB ed, thanks for running an interesting and useful forum. Regarding the new sub topic feature. Folks now seem to be using these but here's a suggestion to avoid duplicate topics running in parallel. Why not prohibit questions in the Topic top level to make ABer's use the appropriate sub topic. For example, someone may post in a question in TV under Media about Saturday's x-factor and receives posts and then someone else goes into Media, doesn't bother to use the TV sub topic and posts a similar question therefore causing duplication. It would be easier to use the forum as well as we wouldn't have to go through the main topic as well as the relevant sub topic. Thanks for your attention.


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when you type in a question ,before you post it,the AB gives you a load of word related questions that may be a duplicate of the question asked??

so in theory this is already in place??

ps.....just incase you read this on monday ED, i absolutley hate the sub sections and in some cases find them impractical and time consuming!!!
I don't go to the sub-topics - but I do enjoy going to the sub-tropics !! ;-)

Honestly don't think peeps bother reading those related Q's RB, which is a pity as it would certainly stop all the duplication going on. Similarly a lot don't read posts on threads before answering and saying exactly the same as someone else already has. The other day I posted a reply (1st one to do so) in answer to a Q. A few others began answering, (different opinions) but when another person gave their reply (almost identical to mine) the originator thanked them for their input (agreeing with them) and totally ignored mine!!! *goes away sobbing*
There does seem to be a lot of sub categories Shero101. Enough to make your head spin ! I always check to see if a question has been asked before hitting submit but it does not always bring up recent questions and can be a bit misleading. I recently posted a question which I thought was unique to me but had oddly enough been asked just over a week ago and was more or less the same question as mine. This question did not appear in the list so I went ahead and posted. As I had been offline for a few weeks , I didn't even see it until someone posted a link to it. Just goes to show that no matter how hard you try to avoid duplicate questions , mistakes still happen

Aww , Pie + Mash .... [Wiping away your tears] , if it's any consolation , you gave good answers on my recent thread. So i'll thank you for your input. [You can slip me that tenner later that you promised !]

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