Creche Facilities / Parenting Order / ASBO

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vidkun | 12:00 Wed 15th Nov 2006 | Site Suggestions
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Isn't it time for the following -

AB Creche Topic, for the many children and cry babies on this Site.

A Parenting Order on Ed ... for a Lack of Care of ABers

An ASBO>/b> on all the fighting Dogs


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this should be interesting.
Oi vidkun, if you try to ASBO me I'll nut ya.
are you a fighting dog noxlumos ..... which one to you claim kinship with?
Question Author
I hope so , crete ..... if the thread is allowed to flow -->

I see the Dogs of War have already sent out a representative ......... not much bite though
well I hope I'm not a cry baby:) I used to enjoy a ruck in News but it's all a bit predictable now. You can only be called a left wing yogurt knitter so many times before it ceases to have any real reffect.

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Creche Facilities / Parenting Order / ASBO

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