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brachiopod | 01:50 Sat 11th Nov 2006 | Site Suggestions
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I've just been accepted to take part in the next series of Mastermind</> !!

My 'Specialist Subject'?

"The complete history of AnswerBank Sub-Topics, October 2006 - December 2006"

Watch this space, as I will be up against some upstart from (*spit*) "Yah00 Answ*rs" in the heats !!


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Question Author
Sorry, Ed - this is neither suggestion or question. #blush#

(Still no 'Preview' in posting a question, though - spot the missing 'I' from the '</>' !!)
congratulations...let us know how you get on
well done brachiopod(love them whirly things)
i got high hopes for you
keep us posted
Hi adar. How are you sweetie?
You might start but you'll never finish !!!!!
Crikey...that's gonna be hard, brachiopod.
Here's your starter for ten - ooops wrong show!!!!
My eyes have gone funny, al the text from brachiopod et al has a sideways slant
must go to the Dr's
how did that happen?
I thought it was just my eyes, spooky!
Dozy bu&&er forgot to close his italics off properly.......tell ya....want a job doin' wrong......................


And I happen to know Brachiopod that you only want to go on Mastermind because you have a liking for black leather......shame on you!!!
What sitting on it??
Question Author
Damn you Boo - you've seen right through me!

Mmmm.... black leather....

Sorry about the missing " I " from the < / > tag - I didn't think it would affect all subsequent posts! I will now have to pay all your optician fees.....
Oooh I like the italics!!!

I've started, so I'll finish...........

Even brachiopod's username and following date & time has come out in them!!! lol Wish they always displayed like that (date & time) :-)

Your time starts now..................

yeah why the italics? and how come sometimes when peole answer questions they can make some words stand out in bold lettering? I would like to know how to do that.
Here you go spurslady

scroll to Posting guidlines, it tells you how to:

First question If you were driving the Pope Mobile fae Rome to London and wanted to know the following

A What fuel would you need?
B What is the best route?
C Does the Congestion Charge apply?
D Can non-Roman Catholics drive it?
E What would be in the CD player?
F Are pets allowed in it?
G Is it Pope Mobile or Popemobile?

What one section would the question go in?

do you mean like this?

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