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robbo82 | 11:52 Thu 26th Oct 2006 | Site Suggestions
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I think one of the main problems with the sub-sections is they just overcomplicate matters and leave people wondering where to post. Why, for example, in Film and TV have separate Film and TV sub-sections? What is the main page then for? Likewise, Food and Drink also have their own separate sub-sections, making the main page redundant. As a result, people just tend to post on the main topic page and ignore the sub-sections. I can see the benefits of certain sub-sections (football, hobbies and interests, beauty, for example), but most have fewer than 10 questions in because people still rely on the main page of a section to get the most responses.


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I agree totally with you robbo. To me it seems as if someone has just sat and thought, now, we need 3 sub sections, think of some! There for the sake of being there as opposed for a valid reason.There is no point to a lot of them although, like you, i can see a relevance in others such as those you mentioned. I cannot see why there has to a a TV and a reality TV if films and gossip have sections of their own now so they could just go as one really. I think that it will be the main catagory that gets used in most topics mainly for the reason you stated. A bit more general too so more scope for questions.
After having persevered for a few more days, I still think that it would be best to do away with the sub-sections altogether (even if it means introducing one or two more topics).

Apart from making it easier to browse through all the topics, it would surely reduce the number of questions posted in the wrong section. Question310777.html
Generally agree -

It is glaringly obvious NOT to have the Topic name (e.g.) Film & TV then divided into sub-topic Fim / sub-topic TV.

Of course it will confuse as to where to post your question ....

If the Editorial team do not like having a list of 96 Topics --{70 (sub-topics) + 24 Topic headings (though there is duplication) + 2 (Suggestions and Blog)} -- Then would it not be better for The Topic Headings to be just that .... HEADINGS, to which you cannot post questions ?

Might not the above-mentioned structure have been a more logical design, starting with a blank sheet of paper?

It's probably been said already, but as I can't use the search facility on here to check cos it's useless, please bear with me!

I agree that the headings should be just that - headings where no one can post. Having lived with the new sub-sections for a while, I've noticed that people are still just posting under the headings, while the sub-sections remain pretty quiet. It now takes longer to find posts, as I have to read through the ones under the heading AND the ones under the sub-headings.

Having said that, some of the sub headings are good. I like the Quizzes & Puzzles split, cos I'm hopeless at crosswords, but like quizzes. I also like the travel split, cos I'm fed up of reading posts asking 'how long to get from A to B' - use the internet and look it up yourselves!!

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